05/08   Pilates Method Alliance National Certification Exam,Las Vegas, NV  
    Passed the PMA exam: the first industry-wide certification exam for the Pilates method in the US dedicated to keeping the spirit of Joe and Clara Pilates alive for future generations and to upholding the highest standards for the professional practice of the Pilates method both in the US and globally. Learn More  
06.07-12/07   The Pilates Studio Las Vegas Teacher Certification, Las Vegas, NV  
    Completed a Pilates Teacher Certification for all Pilates Equipment taught by Master Trainer, Gracie Martinez, who taught Pilates for 10 years and has 25 years of teaching experience in Dance, Gyrotonic®, and Pilates for rehabilitation in a Physical Therapy setting. Coursework included: learning 350 exercises on all Pilates equipment including The Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Ladder barrel, and Ped-a-pul, the complete Matwork series, small props, and Pilates exercises appropriate for a clinical setting; 90 hrs of class and lecture; 60 hrs of studio observation; 225 hrs of student teaching, 75 hrs of personal practice hours; passing a written exam and practical exam as well as completing a case study. Learn More  
9/96-6/01   Stanford University Stanford, CA  
    Master of Arts in Communication, Media Studies 6/01
Bachelor of Arts with honors in East Asian Studies, 6/00
BA Focus: Chinese history and modern culture, including field research in Beijing, China. Learn More
9/85-9/96    Punahou School Honolulu, HI  
    High School Diploma 6/96 Learn More  
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