PILATES                                               PILATES INSPIRED PROGRAM FOR PARENTS  
Sarah Harding is a PMA nationally certified Pilates instructor who trains clients of all fitness backgrounds. In addition to teaching clients in a Pilates studio, Sarah is willing to assist you in your home and help you design your home Pilates studio. All sessions are made by appointment only.
A Pilates Inspired Program for Parents 
Asobi Sport™ Family Fitness is a Pilates inspired program for parents. Designed by Sarah, this babywearing and breastfeeding friendly fitness program allows parents to build their own core strength while nurturing their children. As children outgrow their infant carriers, they can enjoy doing the exercises right along side their parents. In fact, Asobi Sport™ is so well-loved by kids, it now offers a preschool movement curriculum.

Sarah is the mother of four kids (including identical twins.) She draws upon personal experience with her children, her research at Stanford, and years of performing at Cirque du Soleil, to post educational videos and exercises that promote physical and mental endurance for parents. For tips on how to wear your baby safely, exercise in baby carriers (on and off Pilates equipment,) and breastfeed comfortably--all while focusing on postural alignment, centering, and mindfulness-- check out Sarah's YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, and Blog

In Japanese, the word Asobi means "to play," be "athletic," or "sporty." Empowered by the the Joseph Pilates Method Principles, Asobi Sport™ Parents can learn to play with their children while mastering what Sarah calls the toughest "sport" she's ever played: parenthood.
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