Sarah Harding Traverso grew up practicing gymnastics, dance and spring-board diving in Hawaii. A gymnastics scholarship led her to Stanford University where she earned her bachelor’s and then master’s degree in East Asian Studies and Communication. Sarah became a professional acrobat for SeaWorld, Tokyo Disney & then Cirque du Soleil. As an original cast member, Sarah helped create the Cirque show KA at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. She earned the title of Ms. Fitness USA® twice. She is a nationally certified Pilates instructor, choreographer, and health consultant. Sarah offers her professional services through Sarah Harding Fitness, Inc.™. In addition, she is a Mom of four (including identical twin girls.) As a Babywearing veteran and Breastfeeding advocate, Sarah created Asobi Sport™ Family Fitness to share her baby-bonding fitness program with parents across the country. Many of these exercises can be done while wearing an infant in a carrier. For more tips on Parenting, Pilates, Babywearing & Breastfeeding, please watch her YouTube Channel, "Like" her Facebook Page, and Follow her Blog.  
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